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Editor, Curated Spaces, Radical History Review. Regular feature on contemporary artists who address social, historical or political subject matter. Duke University Press.

"The NSK State and the Collective Imaginary" and "Division and Enclosure: Frankie Quinn's Peaceline Panorama Photographs", The Design of Frontiers: Control and Ambiguity, Carolyn Loeb and Andreas Luescher, Eds, Ashgate Press.

Editor, Radical Histories in Digital Culture, Radical History Review Issue 117, Duke University Press (with Lyell Davies and Elena Razlogova).

"The First NSK Citizen's Congress in Berlin: A Summary", State in Time, Edited by IRWIN, Drustvo NSK informativni center, Ljubljana and Dolenjski Muzej, Novo Mesto. "The Battle for Hearts and Minds: Nebojsa Seric Shoba," (Introduction) Radical History Review Issue 112, Winter, Duke University Press.

"A Summary of the First NSK Citizens' Congress in Berlin," State of Emergence, Edited by Alexei Monroe, Plottner Verlag.
"The State as a Utopian Gesamtkunstwerk: A Summary of the First NSK Citizens' Congress in Berlin," The Brooklyn Rail, June.

"Macedonian Mythmaking: In Conversation with Milcho Manchevski," The Brooklyn Rail, December (with Dario Solman).
"30 Years of Art, Ideology and Provocation: An Interview with Laibach," The Brooklyn Rail, May (with Dario Solman).
Editor, Taking Sides: The Role of Visual Culture in Situations of War, Occupation and Resistance, Radical History Review, Issue106, Winter, Duke University Press (with Lisa Brock and Teresa Mead).

Editor, The Irish Question, Radical History Review Issue104, Spring. Duke University Press (with Van Gosse and Donal O'Drisceoil).

"Omission, Silence and Purity," Ruminations on Violence, Edited by Derek Pardue, Waveland Press.
"Pia Lindman's New York Times 09/02-09/03," Curated Spaces, Radical History Review Issue 98, Spring 2007.

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